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Workout of the Day


tabata core l-sit+sit up

Time cap 40'

50x deadlift

50x burpees

50x clean ball

50x push press dumbell

50x box jump

50x wall ball


Hollow position + prono plank 4x 1' rec 30"

pull-up 6

pull-up narrow 6

pull-up reverse wide 6

pull-up dx/sx 6 + 20"rec+ max rip x2

parallel dip 8

dip 2 box 8

tiger push up 8

dip 1 sbarra 8 +20"rec + max rip x2

archer push-up 10

wide push-up 10

handstand push up 10 +20" rec+ max rip x2

pull-up+dip+push up x 10" isom+ 20" rec+ max sec isom

#boxaroma #streetworkout #calisthenics #streetwork #crossfit

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