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Workout of the Day


4 RND for time

50x jumping rope

30''x hollow position

10x toes to bar


5 x clean & jerk RX50kg/35kg

6 x ring pull up

5x muscle snatch RX40kg/30kg

EMOM 15'

8x wall ball + 5 burpees

6x ring dip + 5 burpees

1x rope climb + 5 burpees


6x muscle up/pull up

6x wide pull up x4 Rec1 30'' rec2 1'

6x reverse pull up

6x pull up dx/sx

8xparallel bar dip

8x dip 2 box x4 rec1 30'' rec2 1'

8x tiger push

10x clap push up

10x wide push up x4 rec1 30'' rec2 1'

10x archer push up

10x handstand push up

Tabata core mix

#crossfit #streetwork #calisthenics #streetworkout #boxaroma

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