workout of the day


Jumping Rope 50-40-30-20-10

Sit up butterfly 50-40-30-20-10

For Time Time cup 30'

20x pull up

30x deadlift

40x air squat

50x wall ball

60x toes to bar


6x push press

6x front squat


Tabata core

Albanesi + prono plank

Pull up 6 + Push up 12 x3 rec1'

wide push up 12 + wide pull up 6 x3 rec1'

pull up jump 6 + push up jump 12 x3 rec1'

Dip 6 x tiger push 12 x3 rec1'

dip 1 bar over 6 + french press 12 x3 rec1'

handstand push up 3x6 rec 1'

hollow position per planche 3x30'' rec1'

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