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Workout of the day


tabata core

Amrap 10'

6x thruster

6x wallball

1x rope climb

6x push jerk

For time

100x jumping rope

50x air squat

40x push up

30x lunges

20x brps

100x jumping rope


superman 30"x4 rec 20"

tenuta laterale braccia tese 30"x 4

human flag tenuta frontale 20"x4

tuck planche 20"x 4

ring muscle up 6x 4 rec 45"

push up clap knees 10x 4

tiger cross 8x 4

pull up narrow 6x3

push up diamond 10x 3

french press palo 6x 3

#crossfit #calisthenics #streetwork #streetworkout #boxaroma

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