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Workout of the Day


Emom 6'

30x jr

1'x prono plank

Amrap 15'

4x front squat

8x swing kettle

16x wall ball

32x air squat

Emom 9'

10x push up

6x pull up

4x push press


sit up 20x 4 rec 20"

ttb 10x 4

pull up up and down 6x 4 rec 40"

push up dx/sx ball 10x 4

french su palo 6x 4

pull up reverse isom 20"x 3

push up diamond isom 20"x3

dip ring isom 20"x 3

hs faccia muro 20"x 3

human flag tenuta frontale 20"x 3

#boxaroma #streetworkout #calisthenics #streetwork #crossfit

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