Workout of the Day




Emom 12'


15 cal row/10x cal assault

20x sit up

50x jr


Amrap 15'


4x hang power clean

5x thruster

6x push press


For Time


30x push up

15x pull up

30x swing kettle

15x wall ball

10x hspu



knees parall  10x 4   rec 20"

tenuta laterale 30" x 4  


pull-up  6/20" isom/6/20" isom x 4   rec1 15"  rec 2   30"

push up  10/20"isom/10/20" isom x 4

dip ring   4/10"isom/4/10"isom x4


wide pull up  6x 3                             rec 40" 

push up diamond 10x 3

tiger cross 8x3    


hs bar   20" x 4    rec 30"

back lever ring   20"x 3 






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