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Workout of the day



jumping jack

toes to bar


3x dumbbell/kettlebell snatch (only one arm)

3x dumbbell/kettlebell muscle snatch

3x dumbbell/kettlebell overhead squat

4RND for time

4x hang clean

6x bar facing burpees

8x swing one arm


core mix a terra

6 x Muscle up

6 x pull up cerchio

6 x pull down x 3 rec 30''

30'' x tuck front lever

30'' x tuck back lever

6 x dip ring

6 x tiger par. x 3 rec 30''

20'' x candela ring

8 x push up an arm

8 x push up superman

8 x push up in spinta x 3 rec 30''

30'' x handstand

30'' x tuck planche x 3 rec 30''

#boxaroma #streetworkout #calisthenics #streetwork #crossfit

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