Workout of the Day


tabata core

ttb + jr

For time

3'x row 3'x ohs

3'x push press

3'x wall ball

3'x push up

For Time

40x pull up


hollow position 1' x4 rec 20"

muscle up 4x 4 rec 30"

push up 10 + dip ring 4 x4 rec 40"

push up in movimento 10x 4 rec 30"

pull up reverse 6 + french press 6x 4 rec 40"

tiger paral 4x 4

pull up dx/sx 6 + push up clap 10 x 4

hs 20"x 3 rec 30"

back lever ring 20"x 3

#boxaroma #streetworkout #calisthenics #streetwork #crossfit

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