Workout of the Day

November 28, 2016




Amrap 6'


30x jr

1ox v-up


Amrap 16'


8x pull up 

15x thruster   rx 40kg/25 kg


For time 


40x wall ball

30x lunges 

20x push up 

10x pistols 




tabata core 


hs isom 20"x 4                   rec 30"

muscle up 4x 4                   rec 40"

pull up 2 cambi  4x 4

pull up reverse isom 20" x 3


push up one arm 6x 4 

push up diamond 8x 4

wide push up isom 30"x 3 


tiger cross to tiger push 6x 4 

dip ring 6x 4 

french press isom 20"x 3 


ice cream + 1" isom front lever 4x 3 rec 35"








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