Workout of the day


Amrap 6'

30x du

10x ttb


5-5-3-3- 2-2-1-1 rest 1'

overhead squat


3x brps

4x kipp pull up

5x clean ball

6x push up


knees parallele 10x 4 rec 20"

superman su ball 20"x 4

Mu 4x 4 rec 40"

push up 3 cambi 12x 4

ring dip 6x 4

pull up 2 cambi 6x 3

push up reverse 10x 3

dip one bar 8x 3

front lever to candela ring 6x 3 rec 30"

tuck back lever bar 20"x 3

#boxaroma #streetworkout #calisthenics #streetwork #crossfit

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