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workout of the day


4 RND For time

15 cal/ 200m run/ 50 j.j.

10x ttb ring/bar

20x superman iperex

EMOM 20'


2x deadlift + 2x clean + 2 x push jerk rx 50kg/ 35kg

5x clean ball + 5x wall ball rx 9kg/6kg

10x swing america

1'x rest (compreso in EMOM)


tabata core

hollow position + ttb

4 x muscle up

10 x push up x 3 rec 40''

6 x pull up cerchio

12 x push up archer x 3 //

6 x narrow pull up

8 x dip bar x 3 //

1 x rope climb

5 x handstand push up x 3 //

to back to front ring 6 x 3 rec 30''

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