Workout of the day

July 31, 2017





1000x run 

40x sit up 


Amrap 5'

4x snatch balance  rx 50/30

5x strict pull up 


rest 2'


Amrap 6'

4x ohs  rx 50/30

8x push up 


rest 2'


Amrap 7'

4x power snatch  rx 50/30

8x brps over bar





tabata core


push up  20x 3  rest 45"

pull up 10x3  

dip 10x3   


pegboard/rope climb 1x3

pull up alternati  6x 4 

dip due box 6x 4 


pull up narrow isom 10"x3

push up diamond 10"x3 

french press 10"x3


planche  conelastico 20"x3 rec30"





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