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Workout of the day


Skill Snatch

- Snatch Balance

- Power Snatch

- Squat Snatch


3x sb + 2x ps +1 ss x2 rx 40/20 rest 1'

1xsb+3xps+2xss x2 rx 50/25

2xps 3xss x2 rx 55/30

1x ss x5

20x wall climb


Tabata core

pull up wide + pull up narrow 3+3 x4 rest 40"

push up wide+push up diamond 6+6 x4

dip+ dip one bar 4+4 x4

pull up max rep x3 2-1-2

push up max rep x3 3-2-3

french press max rep x3 2-2-2

german isom 20"x3 rest 30"

hs one arm max" x3

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