Workout of the day

December 28, 2017




Tabata core 

t2b ring+ superman



80x du/200x su

40x cluster  rx 50/30 ( scal. cluster ball)

40x du/120x su

30x push up hand release

20x du/60x su

20x hspu kipp ( scal. hspu casetta/ 40" isom hs)

10x du/30x su

50x squat




hp 1'x 4  rec 30"

albanesi  6x4


pull up rev. 6x4 rest 40"

push up in movimento 8x4

dip ring 6x4


pull up isom 15"x3  rest 35"

push up diamond isom 15"x3

french press 15"x3 


tuck planche 20"x4 rest 30"



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