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workout of hte day


3 Rounds: AMRAP 3: Wall Ball @9/6 AMRAP 2: Power Snatch @40/25 AMRAP 1: Pull-ups Rest 2:00

Accessory work

30x shoulder press one arm kb/db

30x right row one arm(l&r)


30'' x Hs 3 appoggi x3 rest:30''

30''x Hs casetta one leg // //

30''x hs faccia al muro // //

30''x hs libera o talloni al muro // //

2x Muscle Up + 4x dip one bar + 2 Pull up x 3 rest:1'

Strength (Zavorrato) Pull up 5x5 rest:1' Dip Bar 5x5 Push up deficit 5x10

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