Workout of the day



(2+2) x5 rest 1'

Dl+ H. squat Clean


50x du/150x su

40x hpc Rx 50/30 ( sc. front squat)

30x kipp pull up

20x med clean Rx 9/6

10x shoulder press Rx 50/30


30"+ 8 x4 rest 20"

hp+ v-up


Planche gambe a terra 30"x3 rest 30"

tuck planche 20"x3

l-sit + tuck planche box/parallelette max"x3

6+10+6 x4 rest 1'

pull up+push up+tiger push

6+10+6 x4

pull up narrow+push up diamond+ french press

aii squat x70

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