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Workout of the day


"Snatch Day"

bar up floor sg 15x4 Rx 40/25 rest 15"

Good morning 15x4 Rx 20/15

Dlsg 4x4 Rx 60/35 rest 30"

Dl snatch pull 3x3 Rx 50/30

Hang Power snatch 4x3 Rx 50/30

Down Squat snatch 3x3 Rx 50/25

Squat snatch 2x3 Rx 50/30



l-sit 20"x4 rest 20"

hyperex box 10x4

frog stand 20"x4 rest 30"

hs faccia muro 20"x3

hs 30"x3

hs libero max"x3

mu max x3 rest 40"

push up deficit max x3

dip ring/bar max x3

pull up rev isom 20"x3

push up in avanti 20"x3

lunges x80

#boxaroma #calisthenics #streetwork #streetworkout #crossfit

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