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Workout of the day


Emom 30'

10x cal

6x roll up

6x fs Rx 60/35

10x push up hr

10x swing kb

6x box jump

10x wall ball Rx 9/6

5x push press Rx 50/25

1x rope climb (sc. floor rc)

10x jump lunges


hp 1'x4 rest 20"

candela ring 20"x4 rest 20"

candela to tuck back lever 4x3

tuck back lever 20"x3

back lever one leg max"x3

pull up rev 6x4 rest 40"

push up diamond 20" lavoro x4

pull up 15"lavoro x3

push up deficit 10x3

tiger push 8x4

hspu 6x4

pistols 10x 4

#boxaroma #calisthenics #streetwork #streetworkout #crossfit

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