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Workout of the day


Team of 3 (you go I go)


300x cal

90x dl @ 80/50

60x d-ball clean

90x box jump

60x hspu


l-sit 20"x4 rest 20"

albanesi 10x4

tuck front lev. 20"x3 rest 20"

tuck ice cream 6x3

front lev. one leg 20"x3

ice cream one leg 4x3

pull down 4x3 rest 30"

pull up rev. isom 20"x4 rest 40"

push up diamond iaom 2'"x4

dip isom 20"x4

pull up narrow max x3

push up in avanti max x3

hspu max x3


air squat+ jump lunges

#boxaroma #calisthenics #streetwork #streetworkout #crossfit

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