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Heavy Day

5x Good morning @20/15

5x dlsg

5x snatch pull

5x snatch balance

5x ohs

Squat Snatch

Ft complex

(1+1)x2 dlsg+ hip squat snatch

(1+1)x2 snatch pull + hang squat snatch

(1+1)x2 squat snatch +ohs

find 1 Rm squat snatch TC 15'


l-sit terra 20"x3 rest 20"

l-sit to front bar 4/6x3

tuck planche max"x3

back lever one leg max"x3

hs libera max"x3

german 10"x4

Round 1 Tc 10'

20/30x mu/pull up

80x push up

40x dip

rest 2'

Round 2 Tc 3'

3/6x mu/pull up

20x push up


rest 1:30

Round 3 tc 10'

15/20x mu/pull up

60x push up

30x dip

#boxaroma #calisthenics #streetwork #streetworkout #crossfit

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