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Workout of the day


Heavy Day

3 rnd not for time

400-200-100x run

10x fs @20/15

10x good moorning @20/15

10x ohs @20/15

Front squat

10 @60% rest 2'

8 @70%

6 80%

4 90%

2 95%

Overhead Squat rest 2'

4-4 @70%

2-2 @80%

1-1 @90%

Curl bar 5x5 rest 1'


hp 40"x4 rest 30"

dragon flag wide 4x4

plank laterale 30"x3

tuck planche max"x3 rest 30"

front one leg negativa 4x3

to dip one bar to front lever tuck max"x 3

pull up ring 6x4 rest 40"

push up jump burbell 8x4

tiger cross 6x4

pull up narrow 6x3

200 x run

push up 10x3

100x su

french press 6x3

pistols 10x3

#boxaroma #calisthenics #streetwork #streetworkout #crossfit

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