Workout of the day


3 rnd not for time


10x t2b

10x v-up

2rnd For Time T.c. 25'

1k xrun

30x Pull-Ups

30x push up

30x dip


Dl 5x5 rest 1'


v-up+hp 10+20" x4 rest 30"

dragon flag lateral 6x4

back lever one leg 20"x3 rest 30"

back lever straddle 20"x3

back lever full 20"x3

Tabata 1

pull up/mu

Tabata 2

push up

Tabata 3

dip/french press

pull up max rep x2 rest 40"

push up max rep x2

tiger push max rep x2

curl bar 6x3 rest 1'

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