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Workout of the day


warm up

3rnd not for time

20x sit up

5x shoulder press

5x split jerk

Heavy Day

Split Jerk

4-4 @40% rest 1'

2-2 @50%

shoulder press

3-3 @50%

2-2 @60%

split jerk

1 @70%

1 @80%

1 @90%

1 @95%

1 @100%

split jerk

cash out

1k run(every 200m , max rep hspu )


dragon flag max" isom x4 rest 20"

l-sit crunch db 10x 4

back lever tuck 20"x3 rest 30"

to front to back lever 6x3

pull down "start" max "x3

max rep x4 mu/pull up rest 40"

max rep push up diamond x4

max rep hspu x4

pull up narrow 6x3

push up in movimento 10x3

french press 6x3

squat 20+15" isom x4 rest 30"

#boxaroma #calisthenics #streetwork #streetworkout #crossfit

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