Workout of the day

June 16, 2018




warm up

3 rnd not for time 

10x cal 

10x sit up 

10x ring row



5 rounds for time of:

20 pull-ups

40 push-ups

60 squats


cash out 

weighted dip 5x5 rest 1'




tabata core mix


round 1    t.c. 5'

600m x run

max rep pull up 


rest 5' 


round 2      t.c 5'

600m x run

max rep push up 


rest 5'


round 3    t.c 5'

600x run

max rep dip 


pull up narrow 6x3   rest 40"

push up diamond 10x3 

french press 6x3 


curl bar 5x5 rest 1'


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