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Workout of the day


3rnd nft

10 cal

30" hp

5 medball thruster

10 knees push up

10-10 push press @60% rest 1'

6-6 shoulder press @60%

For Time

33 Wall ball @9/6 sc @6/4

15 Burpees

33 wall ball

15 Burpees

33 wall ball

15 Burpees

( int 25 wall ball 10 brps)

(sc 15 wall ball 5 brps)


Dragon flag 4x3 rest 20"

prono plank 1'x3

superman 30"x3

sc tuck back lever 20"x3

sc+int back lever one leg 20"x3

int+adv straddle back lever max"x3

adv tuck back lever pull up 4x3

(6+10+4)x4 rest 1'

pull up+push up+dip


pull up nar+push diamond+french press

hspu 4x4 rest 40"

#boxaroma #calisthenics #streetwork #streetworkout #crossfit

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