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Workout of the day


3rdn nft

20" hp

5 clean & jerk @20/15

10 swing bar

10 knees push up

10 squat

5 RND T.c. 35'

5 Clean&Jerk (50/35 kg) ( int 40/25- sc 30/15)

20 Pull-Ups

30 Push-Ups

40 Sit-Ups

50 Air Squats

( int 5-15-25-35-45 rep / sc 5-10-15-20-25)

(int 4RND/ sc 3RND)


H.p 30"x5 rec 20"

superman 30"x4

( sc+ int+adv) Back lever tuck 20'' x3 rest 20"

( sc+int+adv) back lever one leg 20'' x3

(int+adv) dragon flag isometric max"x3

(adv) straddle/full back lever max" x3

pull up wide 6x3 rec 40"

push up wide 12x3

dip ring 6x3

pull up max rep x3 rest 40"

push up max rep x3

french press max rep x3

pull up narrow 6x3

push up diamond 6x3

tiger push 6x3

jump squat 15 x4

#boxaroma #calisthenics #streetwork #streetworkout #crossfit

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