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3 rnd

30 su

10 sit up

20" hs

10 row bar

10 back squat @20/15

5 Rft

1' hs (casetta, v-hs)

21 toes-to-bars( kte, ktc)

rest 5'


21 back squat @50/35 @40/25 @30/20

1 rope climb (int 3 floor rope climb , sc 5 rev pull up)


hp 1'x4 rest 30"

superman 30"x4

sc. frog stand 20"x3 rest 20"

sc.+ int pseudo planche 20"x3

int+ adv tuck planche max"x2

adv l-sit to tuck planche 6x2

pull up 5x5 (zavorra)

push up 10x5 ( parallelette)

dip 5x5 (zavorra)

pull up narrow rev. 6x3

push up diamond 8x3

french press 6x3

hspu 6x4 rest 20"

#boxaroma #calisthenics #streetwork #streetworkout #crossfit

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